Hi I am the owner of  Nouveau Design, most people have nick named me  Niten, 

I am an self taught Graphic designer and Digital Artist, I did not go to any fancy Art school, but I have been making graphic design, digital art and educating myself  since the birth of computers......30+ years( ouch that means I have been around for some time , yes I am a rare breed of "a real lady") .


I have aMasters degree in Physical Therapy and I have worked as an physical therapist in private practice many years, when living in Norway.( which is my native country).A different path in life for me.

Today my life have taken me on an other path in Life and it's truly exciting.

I have lived all over the world,Actually;Asia,Europe and now,USA.

This mostly because of my Husband and family. Whom I love very much.


I have a sensitive soul, a very old soul and I am very spiritual,  with great respect for nature , free will, freedom and justice. I sincerely believe we all are creatures of a God( whatever what your religion might be and we owe ourself to have respect for ourself and our earth.)

You may find My designs on Print on demand production high quality store like 

  1. Zazzle 

  2. ,Redbubble,

  3. Society6. 

Zazzle, ,Redbubble and Society6 are Print on demand international store that in 24 hrs time print beautiful designs from designer and Artists( from all over the world. )They offer this in cooperation with me and other independent artists and graphic designers, 100 % satisfaction or 100 % refund. When ordering from Zazzle, Redbubbleor Society6.

My Designs  are inspired by The golden age and the Belle epoque 1870-1910 and (Art Nouveau) and The roaring 1920's ( Art Deco) 1910-1940.

I love to play around with design type and styles like; Shabby chic,french country, rustic country, antique, damask and other old pattern, even old art from painters that are long gone inspire me or i use them in my designs and art.


I like to use a lot florals, mix unusual patterns, pastels, rustic, worn, old mixed media, and very much gold, rose gold, velvet, lace and other expensive fabrics. And lastly I like the use the more super glam, feminine, and also abstract art design. I believe when the comes to creating art and design there no limit, and it is very subjective, The customer decide what is is beautiful and he or she like. 

In other words all my designs may

be customized and I take do special

order and commissions.

Thank you for visiting my website

Anita Fugoso

Nouveau Design

Eau Claire,WI,USA

Part text source and information use in this web site is  from Wikipedia

thank you.

Discrete Donation have been given.

Bright Blessings.

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IAnita Fugoso,,Graphic Designer

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Eau Claire ,WI,USA